Things to do Someday

My 40th birthday is April 13, 2017.  This list used to be called 40 before 40.  But, you know what, I don’t like to be limited.  So now it’s just stuff I want to do sometime.  It’ll happen.


1.  Write our will

2. Take the kids to Disneyland.

3. Learn to french braid.

4. Take the kids to Mt. St. Helens

5. Go to Palouse Falls

6. Take the kids to Seattle.

7. Go to the drive in.  (Really, we talk about it every summer but never make it happen.  Now we have a 3 year deadline.)   Did it!  Summer 2014, we saw Dolphin Tale 2 but the kids weren’t that impressed with the drive in…I think they prefer a theater.

8. Go to the corn maze.

9. Take kids to Portland Zoo and OMSI.  Went to OMSI Summer 2014 with Amity and Dara.  Super Fun.

10. Pay off my student loans.

11. Build a 1 year emergency fund.

12.  Run a marathon.  Did it!  May 10, 2015

13.  Lose 30 pounds.

14.  Do an unassisted head stand.

15. Run a Rock n Roll half marathon

16. Run Bloomsday.

17. Run a women only race.

18. Run the Victoria Marathon

19. Take a trip centered around an awesome race (Marine Corp Marathon, NYC Marathon, Chicago Marathon, a Disney race…just some ideas)

20.  Write a book, or at least get a good start.

21.  Take a cooking class (hopefully Thai or some other Asian food)

22. Stop biting my nails.

23. Have an annual getaway weekend with my sister.

24. Getaway with my mom and sister.

25. Watch a meteor shower.

26. Hike (part of) the Pacific Crest Trail.

27. Say yes to something that scares me.   I’m going to mark this as done in 2015.  Signing up for this marathon scares me, I’m excited about it, sure, but it’s a big scary goal.

28. Camp at Jubilee Lake.

29. Get another degree.  Or decide that’s not the dream anymore.

30. Ride a horse on the beach.

31. Order a martini at a restaurant.

32. Take the kids to Washington, DC

33. Some kind of awesome 20th anniversary trip with Chris.

34.  Buy Chris a new (more likely new-to-him) pickup.


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