On options and girls vs boys.

I took my children shopping today. We had to pick up a few groceries, buy presents for a couple of my daughter’s friends who have upcoming birthdays and buy shoes/new socks for track (which starts next week).  We also looked for outfits for the kids to wear for Easter.

When I was a kid iit seems like we always got new Easter clothes.  I loved debuting my new outfit on that Sunday.  In fact, I’m pretty sure my feelings about my new clothes and the Cadbury Creme Eggs I usually got tended to overshadow my feelings about our risen Savior.  Sorry, Jesus, my focus is much better now.  Usually.

It’s a lot easier to be excited about new Easter clothes when you are a little girl, in my opinion.  We went to a couple of different stores.  Helen found her new dress in the first store (after trying on 10 different dresses.  I’m not exaggerating).   All the dresses in the girl’s section were beautiful.  In fact, my only complaint might be that several of the styles were too grown up.  I would totally have worn some of the dresses from the girl’s department if they were available in my size.  But I guess grown women don’t wear dresses because the first store had nothing for women.

And they really had nothing for boys either.  At that store the dressiest boy clothing was a polo shirt, which is nice, sure, but not exactly what we were looking for.  Patrick had decided last night that he wanted a suit for Easter Sunday. I’m pretty sure this is because Chris bought a new suit this winter so Patrick was pretty sure he needed one too.  He ended up with slacks and a shirt/tie/vest combo.  Pretty cute and he’s handsome as can be but it’s basically the same set up he had for Christmas and the Easter before that and every other time a dressier outfit seems necessary.  Because there are no other options for little boys.

Who knows?  Maybe this is because we live in such a rural area.  Maybe if we’d gone to a larger city for our shopping we wouldn’t have had this problem.  But I don’t think so because I’ve seen the options other places too.  So my husband and I tease our daughter about being a clothes horse and always wanting to try on several outfits before she makes a decision but maybe it’s because she has options!  Patrick really doesn’t have options so of course he doesn’t try on very many things.  And don’t even get me started on options for women…because there are none.  I didn’t end up buying anything.

Today’s Run: 4 miles on the treadmill.  I woke up this morning to 25+ mph winds and so I wimped out.  Good thing I have a treadmill (I guess.  Maybe it’s a bad thing because I would have been forced to tough it out without!)


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