The day is long and the house is quiet.

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First day of kindergarten!

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Today my Patrick started Kindergarten. Helen, who is in 3rd grade, started school yesterday but our school does a staggered start for Kindergarten. So yesterday Patrick stayed home and, believe me, he did not love being left behind.

This morning he woke up much earlier than I had hoped, got dressed right away and then struggled to eat his breakfast (because he is not much of a breakfast eater. But that is a story for another time). And he was ready to go before 7 am. When we finally headed out the door, Patrick ran far ahead of Helen and I. He was just so excited.

We got to school and there was no holding my hand and checking things out, like there had been when Helen went to Kindergarten. Patrick ran right up to his class, looked back, and said, “okay, mom, you should go.” School hadn’t actually started so I waited a minute or so, to make sure he had someone to play with and just to see that he was really settled but it didn’t take long and then I left. It’s pretty easy to tell what Patrick needs and at that moment he needed me to show him that I knew he could do this. And I do know it. And I’m excited that he is so excited. He’s going to have a great year.

I came home and the day is long and the house is quiet. Today it seems like a novelty. I went for a run (and quickly realized that there is a reason I usually run early in the morning, it’s August, people, and hot). When I came back from my run I took my bike to town to get the mail. I took a long shower, did a few chores, and read for a while. But it’s not even noon, the school day is not half over, and I don’t want to waste all this time.

Today is a precious rest and I’m enjoying it. Tomorrow Patrick won’t have school again (I told you, it’s a staggered start) and then we have the long Labor Day weekend. But it’s time for me to be purposeful about my time. It’s that same question: “what’s next?” I have projects and plans already, of course, but I continue to have a feeling of being on the cusp of something new. And I want my eyes to be open to what that is.