On Combining Faith and Action

Here’s the thing: I’m not always very good at putting feet to the things I believe.  I was thinking about that the other day.  You see, I recently finished a book that was so convicting it nearly sent me to the floor in grief.  Everything I read in that book, or nearly everything, was so true to my life and highlighted so many things I need to change.  

The name of the book isn’t important right now, I’m sure that will come at another time.  What is important is that it isn’t the first time I’ve felt that kind of conviction, and it surely won’t be the last.  Do you know what I often do with that kind of conviction?  I think about it.  I stew it over for a few days…sometimes longer.  And then I let it fade away.  Why?  Because I’m pretty settled with my life.  Because, while not perfect, the way things are in my life right now are pretty good and I hate to mess with that. Because, honestly, it’s easier not to deal with the areas of my life that need changing.

But that’s not the girl I want to be. So that’s what this will be:  a place to think through and respond to the things I read or hear about.  A place to be honest about areas of my life that need changing.  And a place to talk about how I’m going to go about changing things.  Because James says “Faith without works is dead.”  And I don’t want a dead faith, I want a living, changing, evolving faith…because my understanding is constantly evolving.  And I am growing.


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